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Apple and Pear Juice

Our apple and pear juice is made from fruit grown on the farm from our unsprayed orchards. 


The fruit is picked by our own fair hands and placed in bulk bins which are then taken to a local farm which specialize in producing fruit juices.  The fruit is pressed and the juice is bottled and pasteurized and is available in one litre glass bottles.  Our selection of apple and pear juices can only be purchased through our farm shop at certain times so if you are interested in purchasing some please contact us to arrange a suitable collection date and time.

Our fruit is produced from a small pear orchard and we also have a very special traditional variety orchard which we planted in 2010. This orchard is finally now starting to crop so we hope in the future to increase our range of juices using these wonderful old varieties of apples and pears which aren't available in the supermarket.  Our special traditional orchard has at least 27 different varieties of apples, plums, pears and cherries.  With such evocative variety names as Lord Lambourne, Laxton Fortune, Gladstone, Blenhiem Orange, Ashmeads Kernal, Pitmaston Pineapple, Lord Derby, Irish Peach and Beauty of Kent to name a just few... 

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