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Conservation and Environmental Responsibilities

Here at Horlands Farm we take our responsibilities to the natural world very seriously and in 2009 we signed up to a 10 year agreement with Natural England called the Higher Level Stewardship Scheme.  We have recently signed a further 4 year extension to this scheme so we look forward to continuing to improve the wildlife and biodiversity on Horlands Farm.

As part of our agreement we have:

  • Annually sown a Pollen and Nectar mix Area – to provide feed for bees and insects

  • Annually sown a Wildbird Seed mix Area – to provide winter feed and cover for various bird species

  • Planted a woodland area

  • Planted 800m of new hedgerows

  • Planted 180 traditional orchard trees of various old varieties of apples, plums and cherries

  • Put up 20 bird and mammal boxes

  • We also take care of a successional scrub area of land and a reedbed.


We don’t intend for our conservational efforts to stop here.  We like to farm traditionally and we will continue to ensure that our farm has a high level of natural biodiversity and will remain a place where people and animals can flourish for years to come.

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