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The concept is to have a dedicated field to exercise your dog(s) in peace.  Safely and securely having the freedom to roam.  Perfect for nervous dogs or dogs with bad recall or if you just want to have some time on your own.  We realise that in this busy world there are more and more dog confrontations in public dog walking areas. We want your dog(s) to enjoy a safe and peaceful exercise period, without the worry or stress of other dogs or people in a peaceful countryside setting.  

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At our field at Horlands Farm we provide a one acre field that is securely fenced to a height of 6ft (1.83m) with a double gated ‘airlock’ system that can be hired to walk your dog(s) in peace. 

In the interests of everyone who uses the field please make sure to clear up after your dog/s.

The Rules

We have a few really simply rules that are in place for the benefit of all users of the field.

**A maximum of four dogs per booking hour time slot**

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Car Park

Please follow the blue sign boards to the car park.


For security

Please enter the field through the grey and the red "airlock" gates not forgetting to shut both the gates behind you.

Going for a Walk

Dogs on leads

Please keep dogs on leads when not in the secure dog walking field.

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Pick up Poop

Clear up after your dog(s). Please bring suitable bags and take them with you and dispose of them appropriately.

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Follow the paw prints to the field

Follow Dog field paw prints signs to the dog field.

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Leave 5 minutes from end

Please leave the field five minutes prior to the end of the timeslot to allow the field to be used in peace and to avoid any confrontation between dogs that are trying to enter/exist the field.   


Sessions are to be pre-booked online following this link below.  This online system is really easy to use means that you can pay online and the field can't get double booked.


The charge of £6 is for one hour hire for the secure dog walking field.  This is for one hour booking for upto a maximum of four of your dogs or your dog plus three others of your friends/family dogs.  The booking is just of you or your group. You have the field to yourself.


Please scroll down for the Terms and conditions and further information on the procedure

Thank you for you custom we hope to see you again soon. 


Whilst in the premises of Horlands Farm general farm area, driveways, car park etc all dogs are required to be on a lead at all times and kept under control as it is a working farm.  Thank you


  • All vehicles must be parked in the designated car parking area. 

  • All dogs must be kept on a lead on the Horlands Farm premises until you have entered through the double gate system in the field and both gates are shut. Dogs must then be put back on lead before exiting the secure dog walking field.

  • All dog waste must be bagged and taken away with you and disposed of appropriately.  This is interests of not only you but also your dog.  The field is checked regularly following a booking and the finding of mess (poop) may result in you being banned from using the facility.

  • All dogs using the field must be wormed and have their vaccinations up to date.

  • No Smoking on the premises.

  • Do not drop litter on the premises

  • This agreement of booking the field does not create any rights over the land and the client/hirer accepts that the landowner/organiser maintains control and possession of the field at all times

  • Any children under the age of 16 must be under direct supervision by an adult whilst on the premises.  It is the adults responsibility to make sure that the children observe the secure dog walking rules.

  • All injuries, accidents and damages to people, dogs or Horlands Farm property must be reported to the facility manager Claudine Russell in the first instance

  • Field users do so at their own risk. Horlands Farm and TCEG Enterprises accept no liability resulting from any incident or accident which happens in the field or on the premises.

  • Vehicles and contents are left at their owner’s risk.


We are really happy to be able to offer this facility to you and we want you to have a lovely time exercising your dog(s) in our secure field.

  1. Please follow the blue signs to the car park area and look at the map/information board

  2. Keeping your dog(s) on leads. walk back along the drive you just drove up. Follow the Dog field signs.  The Secure dog walking field is located opposite the farm entrance.

  3. Make sure you have poo bags and that your dog is on it’s lead.

  4. Enter through the first gate then the second red gate to access the field. Please shut both gates before letting your dog(s) off the lead(s).

  5. Enjoy the field!

  6. In the interests of everyone PLEASE ensure that any/all poops are cleared up, bagged and disposed of by yourself as a good responsible dog owner.

  7.  Five minutes before your allotted time is up, put your dog(s) back on their lead(s) then exit through and shutting the red and silver field gates behind you

We really hope you enjoy your time at the Secure Dog Walking Field at Horlands Farm.  We hope to see you soon and please tell all your dog owning friends about our facility.

Secure dog walking field at Horlands Farm is part of TCEG Enterprises
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