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First Farmers Club

We just couldn’t keep this love of the outdoors and farming to ourselves and what better than to get into farming and being responsible for the care of animals at a young age?  This is where our first farmers after-school club comes in. 

First Farmers

Once a week our club of primary school aged children meet to gain first-hand experience of farming tasks including;

  • working on our vegetable patch

  • feeding the pigs

  • feeding the horses

  • moving the sheep

  • weighing and measuring out feed

  • farm crafting activities for really rainy days

  • lambing


Carrying out actual working tasks on the farm helps the children to develop teamwork skills and to interact with each other and the animals.  It is particularly good for children that prefer to learn outdoors, rather than in the classroom and the children love it! I have a maximum of 8 children in the club so please be patient if there are currently no spaces.


First Farmers currently runs in 6 week terms.  There are no clubs in the school holidays.  Price is £10 per session, to be paid in a block at the start of term. 


Contact Claudine at for more information.

For more up to date information about First Farmers

First Farmers Club is part of TCEG Enterprises

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